Creation: Artistic & Divine

February 15th, 2020

CLICK HERE to view the video recordings on the Lumen Christi website

Physics tells us how the universe is ordered, but can it tell us why? How are the laws of physics like a baseball rulebook? And why should we expect the universe to operate according to regular laws anyway?

If God created all things at the beginning of time, what are artists doing when they “create” a beautiful work of art? Can one thing be more beautiful than another? How are beauty and art related to God?

On February 15, 2020 at the University of Chicago, Professors Stephen Barr (Physics, U of Delaware, President of Society of Catholic Scientists) and Jennifer Newsome Martin (Theological Aesthetics, Notre Dame’s Department of Liberal Studies) helped high school students from throughout the region investigate the physics of creation and the theology of creativity.


8:30   Breakfast and Registrations (Swift Hall Common Room)

9:00   Introductions and Prayers (Swift Hall 3rd Floor Lecture Hall)

9:15   Icebreaker

9:30    Lecture: Steve Barr with Q&A (35 min lecture, 15 min Q&A)

10:20   Break

10:30   Lecture: Jenny Martin with Q&A (35 min lecture, 15 min Q&A)

11:30   Lunch and Discussion Groups (2nd and 3rd Floor Swift Classrooms)

1:00   Adoration

1:30   Discussion/Q&A among Barr, Martin, and Students

See pictures from the conference below:

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