Is Hell Real? Is it Crowded?

May 14th, 2020

Is Hitler in Hell? Is Judas? Is everyone saved? Why would a merciful God allow humans to suffer eternal damnation?

In this Thursday session, we relied on the wisdom of one of our favorites: Bishop Robert Barron. Relying on his piece, “Is Hell Crowded or Empty?” we came together for an hour to discuss the three accounts of Hell that he traces through history, as well as other common representations of Hell in literature. From Augustine and Aquinas, to Barth and Balthasar, the reality of Hell is rooted in Scripture and the words of Christ Himself, and yet is still hotly debated (pun intended). By the end of our time together, students were able to respond to the most common dialogues around what Hell is like, and had a working familiarity with the most salient representations of Hell in the media we consume.   

Students came to the session having watched Bishop Barron’s 9 minute video on Hell, which you can find here:

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