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Book Club

2021-22 Book: St. Augustine’s Confessions

Do you remember the first mistake you ever made or lie you ever told? What do you do when your parents disappoint you? Does curiosity really kill the cat, or is it good to be curious? How does evil exist in a world God made out of love?

On the surface, these questions have very little to do with one another. But here’s what they have in common: They’re all questions young people ask, they’re all deeply important questions about human life, and these (and many more!) dilemmas are all explored in St. Augustine’s Confessions. The world’s first autobiography, the Confessions is famous and beloved for its insight and passion. It is also not unlike a teenager’s diary: Filled to the brim with problems that might seem easy to dismiss, but weigh heavily on the human heart and hold the keys to growing up.

Join us as we read through the Confessions together, every other Tuesday, 7-8pm CST on Zoom
Reading Schedule:
Confessions is organized into 13 chapters called “Books.” 13 Books = 13 Sessions!

(Between 9 and 19 pages of reading per week)

  • October 19th: Book 1 — Welcome + The Restless Search for God
  • November 2nd: Book 2 — Sins of the Flesh
  • November 16th Book 3 — Sins of Curiosity
  • November 30th: Book 4 — Sins of Worldly Ambition
  • December 14th: Book 5 — A Tale of Two Bishops: Faustus and Ambrose
  • January 11th: Book 6 — Overcoming Pride
  • January 25th: Book 7 — Overcoming Curiosity
  • February 8th: Book 8 — Overcoming Lust
  • February 22nd: Book 9 — Death and Rebirth
  • March 8th: Book 10 — Self-Examination
  • March 22nd: Book 11 — Time and Eternity
  • April 5th: Book 12 — Words and the Word
  • April 19th: Book 13 — Finding Rest in the Church + Sending Forth

Unless you already have your own copy, the instructor prefers participants use the following version – Confessions, trans. Thomas Williams (Hackett, 2019) – which can be found on the publisher’s site or on Amazon for $11.

Meet the Instructor

Mr. Kevin Clemens has a long and storied history with St. Augustine’s Confessions. Since first reading the text as a freshman at Valparaiso University, he has made an annual pilgrimage alongside the Bishop of Hippo through the thirteen books of his Confessions. This book in particular helped to set him on his own educational journey: working toward a B.A. in Philosophy and Latin as an undergraduate, and then pursuing a M.A. in Catholic Studies from the University of St. Thomas. Prior to taking a role at the Augustine Institute in 2021 as Scripture & Bible Programs Product Manager, Mr. Clemens taught Latin and Theology at the high school level for over a decade.