High School Fellows

High School Fellowship Program

Becoming a Fellow

Do you have an idea for an excursion? Do you want to start a Newman Forum club at your school? Have you participated in every Newman Forum event you could get your hands on?

You can be a Newman Forum Fellow

When you see “fellowship” in college, it typically means a short-term, paid or unpaid professional development opportunity. A fellowship is a group of people with a shared professional interest, and a specific amount of time is set aside (typically 1-2 years) to focus on work within that interest. (So yes: The Fellowship of the Ring IS a proper fellowship…)

High school fellowships are very rare; typically, fellowships are reserved for graduate students and post-doctoral professionals. So while a Newman Forum fellowship is a little different, it still looks AMAZING on a resume or college application!

What defines a Newman Forum Fellowship?
  • Student commits to at least 1 full year of consistent Newman Forum participation
  • Student takes on at least one additional leadership opportunity using their own creativity, like…
    • Developing and leading a new excursion idea
    • Starting a chapter of a Newman Forum club at their school or church
    • Brainstorming an essay contest prompt
    • Or whatever else your heart desires! If our programming makes you think, “I’d like to do ________,” send us an email!

Want to be a Newman Forum Fellow? Reach out to us!

Tell us in your message: Which Newman Forum events have you participated in? What’s your idea for further involvement?