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Teachers & Schools

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Teachers, especially those at Catholic schools, have an immense responsibility: To pass on an understanding of the faith to those at the most crucial decision-making age. The average age of disaffiliation from the Catholic Church is now 13. This is the high school teacher’s audience. But how to make time for every student’s questions between the hundreds of required standards, after-school activities, grading, testing, and more?

that’s why we’re here

Science and religion. Literature and ethics. Politics and history. Philosophy and theology. No matter the subject, the Newman Forum exists to bolster and supplement high school curriculum, imbuing high school study with Catholic intellectual history. Bring a group of your students to our conferences (maybe even for extra credit?) Or bring us to your school to host a reading group.

What’s more: We’re always designing new curriculum packets for you to use in your classes. Whether you’re out sick and need a substitute lesson plan, or you’ve got a tricky standard you don’t know how to approach. Maybe it’s standardized testing season and you just need a one-off lesson to round out the week. The Newman Forum has videos, reading guides, and more for you to use! CLICK HERE

Host a seminar. Bring a group. Tell us what you need!

“Growth is the only evidence of life.”

John Henry Newman

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